When you contact us for exotic birds you will get professional exotic bird breeders with more than 40 years of experience. We take pride in delivering your order of healthy exotic birds, with the fastest turnaround time available in the business. To contact our expert exotic bird breeders in Auburn, California, please call 1 530 269 1144 or fax 1 530 269-1148.

Animals Incorporated operates a thirty-two acre bird sanctuary and exotic bird breeding facility in the Sierra Foothills of California. The utilization of a four acre lake and many smaller ponds, with clean water flowing twenty-four hours a day, provides a perfect habitat to breed  and raise exotic birds, such as Australian Black Swans, South American Black-Necked Swans, Trumpeter Swans and White Mute Swans. Acres of netted enclosures are used to house Breeders and Baby Swans, Cranes, Ducks, Vulturine Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Pheasants, Sacred Ibis and many others.

Here, at our sanctuary, we specialize in exotic bird breeding of Australian Black Swans, White Mute Swans and the especially beautiful South American Black-Necked Swans. White Mute Swans, Trumpeter Swans, South American Black-Necked Swans and Australian Black Swans are offered in ages from juveniles to adult breeder pairs; three years of age or older.  Our South American Black-Necked Swans, White Mute Swans and Australian Black Swans are shipped out weekly, throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, to exotic bird enthusiasts who want to enhance the beauty of their estates or ponds.

Over the years, Animals Incorporated has been chosen the breeder of exotic birds to celebrities Michael Jackson, at the Neverland Ranch; Wayne Newton, in Las Vegas; Ziegfried and Roy, in Las Vegas; Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, and provided exotic birds to be used for the Jack Hanna Show. Animals Incorporated is proud to have been the breeder of exotic birds for zoos and safari parks, around the country, with quality breeding stock for their displays, including: San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Francisco Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo and Safari West Animal Park, Sacramento Zoo and Lion Country Safari in Florida, to name a few.

Animals Incorporated are exotic bird breeders of hundreds of ducks each year. We are also Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks breeders, both being very popular species, of which several hundred Mandarin Ducks and Wood Ducks are shipped yearly throughout the country. As breeders of Black-Bellied Whistling Tree Ducks, Common Shelducks, Fulvous Tree Ducks and White-Faced Tree Ducks our customers have a plentiful selection of many exotic bird duck species to add to their collections.

Animals Incorporated are also exotic bird breeders of Red Golden Pheasants, Yellow Golden Pheasants and Lady Amherst’s Pheasants, as they are the most popular exotic pheasants requested by exotic bird collectors. As exotic bird breeders of Elliot Pheasants, Impeyan Pheasants, Reeve Pheasants, Silver Pheasants and Swinhoe Pheasants we have a large variety of exotic pheasants from which to choose.

Blue Scale Quail, California Valley Quail, Gambel’s Quail, Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail have been added to our exotic bird breeders list, so please call for prices and availability.

Vulturine Guinea Fowl are among our exotic bird breeders’ newest additions, which also have incredibly distinctive and beautiful plumage all their own.
Animals Incorporated has the pleasure of being exotic bird breeders of India Blue Peacocks, Java Green Peacocks, Pied Peacocks and White Peacocks. The India Blue Peacocks, Java Green Peacocks, Pied Peacocks and White Peacocks are all spectacular additions to see roaming throughout our facility.

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All of the above listed species are shipped by US Postal Service, Express Mail, to your local post office; with the exception of Cranes, that must be shipped via air cargo. Animals Incorporated is proud of the quality of our exotic birds shipped, our fast order turnaround and our live arrival guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.